Heavenly: Take what you can get.

Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe, ohhh what a rough set of winter months this place had.  All I heard was “the season started great, at least we still have a good base.”  A good base is great!  That is why I personally like to travel west in the months of February and March, lots of the gnarly […]

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Kirkwood Beauty

I left SLC on Monday and headed to a terribly sunny South Lake Tahoe for a few weeks  of hoping and praying for snow.  What I encountered was limited snowfall, but great opportunities when it did fall.  One thing that is nice about riding in the Spring…..(Late March-April) is that when the weather is nice, […]

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Back at It

After a long and unnecessary hiatus, I’m back at it. I will post in the missing pieces a bit later, but for now I want to get back to moving forward. I finally left South Lake Tahoe, two weeks late, yesterday. It was surely a bittersweet departure. Great friends, beautiful views, albeit a lousy snow […]

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Snowbird, UT March 20, 2013

  Apparently youtube won’t let you use Smashing Pumpkins as a background song.  Friggin Copyrights!   I had other Photos, but lost my phone over the weekend at Brighton.

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Jackson Wilderness 3/19/2013

Wyoming touts itself as being the Wild West.  It is surely in the middle of nowhere, has the second lowest population density among the States.  Wyoming is a great opportunity to just get away from it all.  I met folks from Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts , and Wisconsin….all just getting away. While Jackson Hole was a good time, […]

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Grand Targhee, WY 3/17/2013

  All I can really say is “What a day!”  Finally got snow, which transitioned to beautiful sun-kissed views, and topped it all off with a night in the town of Jackson, WY.  Not a bad St. Patrick’s Day. Weather impacted the drive to Targhee, so we arrived a little later than expected.  However, it […]

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I’m goin to Jackson. 3/16/13

Came to Jackson for another St. Pats weekend. Seven of us booked a 3bedroom condo through the Grand View Lodge in Jackson.  Irony is seen out our grand view window. Not quite grand. It was a sunny day with warm temps and limited crowds. There was little reason to get out on the hill early, […]

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Sundance, UT: An Understatement.

Friends of my hosts came to visit so I took one of them to Sundance to check out the mountain. Well, the weather is a repeat of last year and I now remember why I made the drive to Moab during this strech last year. We danced with the sun all day at Sundance. Sundance […]

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Canyonlands 3/10

So, from Thursday eve to Saturday eve we’ve logged-in 10 hours of driving, visited 4 different spots, and have another destination and 5 hours of driving ahead of us.  Sunday was a sleep-in day in Moab and the views from our lodging were pretty relaxing.  There are two things to know about Canyonlands.  1.  It […]

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Colorado to Utah 3/9

Sometimes traveling can be exhausting, especially with me!  Plans were to spend two days in Moab hiking Arches and Canyonlands.  However, with the impending weather, sometimes plans change.  I was able to convince her that, since it was raining in Moab, we should go to Powderhorn.  After a little discussion, Powderhorn was the call.  They […]

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