Heavenly: Take what you can get.

Tahoe Tahoe Tahoe, ohhh what a rough set of winter months this place had.  All I heard was “the season started great, at least we still have a good base.”  A good base is great!  That is why I personally like to travel west in the months of February and March, lots of the gnarly parts of the mountain are filled-in, so the snow that falls is goo00d riding!  Oiy, but when it doesn’t snow…….well we are here to snowboard right?  Well Tahoe didn’t get much snow.  For example, during the month of March (generally one of the snowiest months) Seven Springs Resort in Western Pennsylvania which averages about 250 inches per year got more snow thank Kirkwood, California who averages about 450 inches per year.

Because of this I was forced to enjoy a few days at Heavenly Ski Resort.  I had always balked at Heavenly because Kirkwood always had better snow, more snow, and “bigger terrain.”  This year that was not the case, so I was happy spending time with my park-rat friends.  One thing Heavenly has that Kirkwood does not have….SPECTACULAR views of the lake.

I Believe the Most fun I had was climbing the Tree!  Luckily, there is still snow to be had, it just happens to be heading towards Salt Lake City.  It was at this point I decided to take a Tax-Day run to SLC.


IMAG0047_BURST002_COVER IMAG0048 IMAG0051 IMAG0060 IMAG0066 IMAG0083



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