Sundance, UT: An Understatement.


Friends of my hosts came to visit so I took one of them to Sundance to check out the mountain. Well, the weather is a repeat of last year and I now remember why I made the drive to Moab during this strech last year. We danced with the sun all day at Sundance.


Sundance is a relatively small resort with only a handful of lifts, all of which are slow. I can only assume that it is a fun mountain on snowy days as it has some significant pitch to it.


Today was not a snowy day. We rode variable conditions: corn, slush, mashed taters, death cookies, and some bullet-proof spots in the shade.  It was so soft, I stopped at one point on a south-facing aspect (ie su -drenched) and sunk I to the snow about 8 inches. Sno-cone snow.

We stopped at the top for a bite to eat, checked out the views,


and watched three sluff slides happen on the top of the peak. The snow is heavy, wet, and unstable. No backcountry for me. Lets hope Jackson Hole offers a little goodness.  It was still a good day to be outside.


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